A word from President Trey Devey

Greetings from Interlochen,

Over the past few months, it has been my pleasure to get to know the extraordinary community of Interlochen alumni, donors and friends. Listening to your perspectives and hearing your personal stories underscores in my mind the importance of the work that we do here at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Every day I am reminded of the impact Interlochen has had over the years, and how crucial it is that our commitment to future generations remains strong. That is why it is my honor to share with you details about several new collaborations that will create opportunities for talented young musicians this summer.

Thanks to a generous donation from Daniel R. Lewis and the Miami-Dade County music education outreach organization—M:X (Miami Experimental)—select Miami Music Project students will receive a full scholarship to attend Interlochen Arts Camp this summer. Earlier this year, Miami Music Project students were invited to audition for Interlochen Arts Camp, and from that applicant pool a group of qualified students were invited to attend Camp this summer. This extraordinary scholarship will include all tuition, travel, boarding and uniform costs.

Founded in 2008, the Miami Music Project provides nearly 500 Miami-Dade County Public School students aged 6-18 years-old with year-round music education and programming opportunities free of charge. Miami Music Project is the region’s only El Sistema-inspired orchestra program, and one of the largest El Sistema programs in the United States.

I was thrilled to hear from our Interlochen music faculty upon their return from the audition about the skill and energy displayed in Miami. Our faculty saw a high level of student readiness over the time that they spent with the Miami Music Project, which speaks to the quality of the program, the talent of their Teaching Artists and the commitment of their students.

I must commend the family members, siblings, friends, teachers and community leaders in the Miami-Dade County community that selflessly offer their time, energy and talents to make Miami Music Project outreach programs possible for these students. Without them, it would be much harder if not impossible for these young musicians to receive their training. It is my belief that this collaboration testifies to the impact of their work, and reaffirms our own commitment to making the life-changing Interlochen experience accessible to deserving and dedicated young artists.

Over the years, Interlochen has been blessed with similar commitments by regional arts organizations around the country and beyond. Thanks to this pledge, we are grateful to add the Miami Music Project to a growing list of peer groups that believe in the universal power of the arts and look forward to their contributions to our program.

As the Miami Music Project collaboration was taking shape, current Trustee Cynthia L. Hann (All State ‘78-79; Camp Parent 03-12) joined with her parents, Carolyn and Richard Chormann, to initiate a similar program with the Riverdale Children’s Theatre in Bronx, NY. Thanks to their leadership and support, several talented young artists from this program will also spend their summer in northern Michigan. We hope that these programs become a model for partnerships around the country and reinforce our belief in the universal language of the arts.

As excited as I am to see these students from Miami and the Bronx in northern Michigan this summer, I am equally excited to hear about how they share their gifts upon returning home. Additionally, I am eager to see firsthand the transformative impact the arts has on their own development.

If nothing else, it is my hope that this letter encourages you to consider two questions: First, in what ways can I help foster the arts in my own community, and second, how can I work to inspire others to do the same? Just as the Miami-Dade County community comes together to provide transportation, amenities and support for nearly 500 young musicians, we too must be mindful of the potential and power of our own community both here in northern Michigan and beyond. We must consider how we together can make the opportunity of the Interlochen experience ever more accessible for promising young artists.

Lastly, thank you to Daniel R. Lewis, M:X, the Miami Music Project, Cynthia L. Hann, Carolyn and Richard Chormann, the Riverdale Children’s Theatre, our music and theatre faculty and to the countless members of the Interlochen community who have greeted me and my family with open arms and open hearts this past year.

All best wishes,
Trey Devey