Staying Connected with Interlochen

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Fall is the time when I "hit the road" to connect Interlochen to the larger world. I often meet people with some kind of Interlochen connection. On a recent trip to Dallas, I met six different people with ICA connections. Unfortunately, some expressed that they, "never hear from Interlochen." Ouch!

Ten years ago people did not hear from us very often; our website was new and we used mail for everything with half of what we sent returned as "no forwarding address!" Today, we're reaching people in ways that didn't exist ten years ago. Here are a few numbers you might find interesting:

  • 32,000 Facebook friends
  • Over 4,000 Twitter followers (@InterlochenArts)
  • 750,000 YouTube views a year
  • Crescendo online six times annually
  • 100,000 to 150,000 website visits a month
  • Mobile phone use of website up 78%, tablets up 31%
  • Thousands of photo downloads from our archives
  • Nearly 60,000 webcast and webcam viewing sessions per year by more than 20,000 users

We still send many communications via regular mail: letters, annual reports, festival brochures, requests for donations, Camp and Academy brochures, and more! If you meet people who tell you they don't hear from us, please encourage them to update their contact information and let them know that "hearing from Interlochen" is but a click away. Finally, please let us know what type of information you are most interested in hearing from Interlochen so we can work toward creating, curating, and distributing the most relevant content for all of our many audiences.

With thanks for your continuing interest in Interlochen,