A Piano’s Journey

  • The iron plate is brought in to be joined to the Rim/Soundboard/Bridge assembly.

  • Piano “regulation” involves thousands of meticulous checks and rechecks to make certain every component of the action is performing in proper alignment and adjustment. After the first cycle of regulation, the action is sent to the “testing machine” where it receives over 250,000 keystrokes to help stabilize all components.

  • See you in May, number 2676496!

Each year, hundreds of brand new pianos are shipped to Interlochen for the Summer Arts Camp. This year we are following one specific piano, a Kawai GX-2, on its entire journey from the Kawai factory in Japan to the Interlochen campus where it will be played by hundreds of young musicians. You can view the piano's journey thus far in the gallery below, and stay up-to-date on Facebook.

Photo Gallery