Motifs: March/April 2018

Ken Giles (IAC/NMC 63-65, IAA 63-64, 65-67) was briefly interviewed in the new documentary about Capitol pages: "Democracy's Messengers." Giles was a U.S. Senate Page in 1965. The Voting Rights Act was passed that year, as was Medicare, Medicaid and the beginning of the "war on poverty." Giles still owns the Senate vote sheet he filled out, showing that the Voting Rights Act passed 77 to 19. His experiences helped turn him into a civil rights and peace activist. He worked for the federal government for more than 30 years, then became a music teacher in the DC Public Schools and now teaches violin at the D.C. Youth Orchestra Program and several schools in the D.C. area.

Gary Malkin (IAC/NMC 70-71) gave a keynote presentation, “Graceful Passages: Comfort and Renewal after Loss,” at the fifth annual PHorum, Perspectives in Healthcare Conference at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara. Malkin has had a successful career as a composer of music for television, movies and commercials.

Martin Demos (IAC/NMC 71, IAC St 72) was recently appointed General Counsel of the Maricopa Integrated Health System located in Phoenix, Ariz. Demos continues to play the trombone and is the Principal Trombonist of the Arizona Opera Orchestra.

Fred Hiebert (IAA 74-75, 77-78) gave a presentation at Central United Methodist Church in Traverse City on his recent work restoring the Edicule of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Judith Shulevitz (IAA 78-80) published an article in the New York Review of Books, “Forgotten Feminisims: An Appeal Against ‘Domestic Depotisms.’” The article is the first in a series about forgotten feminist writings.

Honor Moor (IAC/NMC 84-85, IAC St 87-88) had her play, Mountain Political Action Committee, produced at the Magnetic Theatre Company in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been asked to write a sequel and will have another play, What Happens After Manhattan, produced in 2019. Honor was a musical theatre major at Interlochen during the summers of 1984 and 1985. Her mother Prudence (IAC/NMC 58-59, UNIV 60) also attended Interlochen.

Matthew Duvall (IAC/NMC 84-85, IAA 85-89, IAC St 95) performed with his ensemble, Eighth Blackbird, at Interlochen Arts Academy's Steve Reich Festival. While on campus, Duvall was interviewed in Interlochen Public Radio's Studio A.

Ronald Gentry (IAC Fac 88-90, 03-04, IAA Fac 91-08) and his wife, Nicole, have purchased the home of the late Donna Brunsma (IAC/NMC 49, UNIV 50-51, 53, IAC St 56, 59), and have restored the property in her honor. The Gentrys will host an open house at the newly renovated property on May 6, 2018.

Glenn Seven Allen (IAC/NMC 90) will appear as an inquisitor in Carnegie Hall’s benefit performance of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide on April 18.

Monica McKelvey Johnson (IAC 91, IAC St 01) is a comic artist, writer and curator living in Brooklyn. She currently serves as the Director of Exhibitions at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University (BA), and CUNY Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts Program (MFA). She authored the web comic “The Adventures of Dorrit Little,” a story about the average student debtor in the United States today, and founded the student debtor support group EDU Debtors Union. She writes about comics from an intersectional feminist perspective for The Rumpus and The Comics Journal. McKelvey has also co-organized several exhibitions at Interference Archive, including: Our Comics, Ourselves: Identity, Expression and Representation in Comic Art Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up, and an upcoming exhibition focusing on deaf culture. She is a practitioner of “feminist curation,” a methodology she continues to develop with Jan Descartes.

Colin Stetson (AS 92) is set to perform a reimagining of Gorecki’s third symphony, “Sorrow,” at the University of Michigan on April 14.

Lance Horne (IAC 94-95, IAA 94-96) is a part of a new show with Alan Cumming and Eleanor Norton (IAC 95), “Alan Cumming: Legal Immigrant.” The show will tour North America with destinations including Denver, Nashville, Toronto, the Kennedy Center and a two-week residency at Cafe Carlyle and Joe's Pub in New York City. You can also join Horne each Monday at 9 p.m. at Club Cumming in New York City for a free show, "Mondays in the Club With Lance." It's a modern-day version of Interlochen Arts Academy’s traditional Coffee House.

Alice Dade (IAA 95-98) released her first solo CD, “Living Music,” on Naxos in February 2018. The album features works for flute and strings and flute and piano by Kernis, Fine, Elkies, Barker and Coleman. Release events are scheduled in California, New York and France. Dade is also a recurring guest star of a new PBS series called Now Hear This. Now Hear This explores the secret histories of the greatest musical works and their composers, while discovering connections to today’s music, art and culture.

Kevin Worrell (IAA 95-96), Logan Bean (IAC 00-03, IAA 03-05) and their band, the Super Saturated Sugar Strings, released a new album, “All Their Many Miles.”

Jack Ferver (IAC 96, IAA 96-97) debuted a dance-theater work, “Everything is Imaginable,” on April 4. The work was announced in the New York Times and featured fellow alumnus Reid Bartelme (IAA 94-98).

Gillian Hunter-Gibbs (IAC 97-98) has begun a new position, Director of Early Years Programs at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music. Gillian was previously Head of Education at City of London Sinfonia in the United Kingdom.

Rachel Beider (IAC 97, 99-00, IAA 00-01) was quoted in a Forbes article about impostor syndrome among women entrepreneurs.

Michael Arden (IAC 99, IAA 99-01) was featured in a TodayTix Insider story about directors of this season’s hit musicals.

Ashley Park (IAC 03) was nominated for the Lortel Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical for her role in KPOP.

Sara Nimeh (IAC 00-06, IAA 06-08) is the director of the new web series Molly&Pip, which stars fellow alumna Rachel Womble (IAA 06-08).

RJ Magee (IAC 02-05, IAA 06-08) appeared in the role of Margaret Meade in Arizona Broadway Theatre's acclaimed production of Hair.

David Heinze (IAC 07-09, IAA 12-13) has been named the Gerre Hancock Fellow in Church Music at St. Mark’s Church Philadelphia for the academic year 2018-2019.

Erica McIntyre (IAC 07, IAA 08-10, IAC St 10-12) will be on the lineup of the Women in Comedy Festival.

Gordon Berg (ICA St 07-15) was featured on 9&10 News for his volunteer work at Hospice of Michigan.

Gus Pewe (IAC 10, IAA 10-11, IAC St 12-17) won the Viewer’s Choice Award at the Francis Coppola Director's Short Film Contest for his short film, “This Vacuum is Too Loud.”

Irene Jiang (IAA 11-13) is on a Fulbright Creative Arts Grant to Morocco, where she is filming a documentary about a local circus and Moroccan acrobacy's complex relationship with colonial power structures.

Alex Ankli (IAA 12-13) recently released a song which has hit top charts in Spain. It hit the 12th position on Spotify’s "TOP 50 Viral Spain" playlist in only three days, and was included on "Next Hits" list on iTunes Spain.

Christopher Bell (IAA 13-15, IAC St 14) won second prize in the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Young Composers Competition. Bell will receive $1,000 for placing second in the competition.

Yoni Weiss (IAC 13, IAA 13-16, IAC St 16) directed a sold-out run of The Nina Variations, a riotous spin on Chekhov's The Seagull, in New York City with fellow alumni Alexandra Cockrell (IAC 06-10, IAA 10-12, IAC St 12, 15) and Michael Liebhauser (IAC 07-08, IAA 08-12, IAC St 12-13, 16-17).

Ali McManus (IAC 14) recently released her debut album, "Unbreakable." McManus was also featured in Parade.