Briefs: November/December 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of “With Special Guest,” the first-ever podcast series from Interlochen Center for the Arts. In “With Special Guest,” we sit down with a selection of alumni, guests and artists of Interlochen Center for the Arts for intimate conversations about their lives and work. You can listen to “With Special Guest” on Soundcloud or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music.

Elizabeth Marvel (IAC/NMC 82-83, IAA 83-87) starred alongside Dustin Hoffman and Adam Sandler in the film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), which debuted in October. Read an interview with Marvel and the rest of the cast in Backstage Magazine.

Jonathan Golodner (IAA 84-88) received a 2017 Primetime Emmy Award for Best Sound Editing on a Drama Series for Netflix's Stranger Things. This was his third nomination and first win.

Laura Owens (IAC/NMC 87) is having a mid-career retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Owens and her retrospective were featured in The New York Times and TimeOut New York.

Sufjan Stevens (IAA 89-90) released his new album, “The Greatest Gift,” on Nov. 24. Stevens also wrote several songs for the movie Call Me By Your Name.

Celia Keenan-Bolger (AS 93-95) and Andrew Keenan-Bolger (AS 99, 01-02) will voice characters in the new Marvel scripted podcast series, Wolverine: The Long Night.

Jaclyn Bradley Palmer (IAC 96) will appear on the The Voice of Holland, the Dutch version of the popular American television series, The Voice. Palmer’s blind audition was aired on the Nov. 17 episode.

Josh Groban (IAC 97-98) re-released his best-selling Christmas album, “Noel,” in honor of the album’s tenth anniversary.

Kathleen Stetson (IAC 97, IAA 97-98) managed the first-ever Hack Music LA, a hackathon sponsored by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The event’s goal was to use innovation to increase physical and emotional access to music.

Julie Buntin (IAA 03-05, IAC St 05) had her debut novel, “Marlena,” named to The Washington Post’s “50 Notable Works of Fiction in 2017” list.

Alex Kahler (IAA 03-05) debuted his newest series, “Runebinder,” on Nov. 14. “Runebinder” is Kahler’s 11th professionally published work. The audiobook for “Runebinder” was recorded by fellow Interlochen alumnus Zach Villa (IAA 03-05).